ComputerQUEST, LLC

Are you tired of your help desk technician reactively fixing issues instead of proactively preventing them? Let Computer Quest show you that with proper network maintenance, you can save thousands by proactively preventing the issues causing your company headaches, downtime, and lost revenue.

What we do

Computer Quest is here for you 24/7.
We also specialize in on-site, remote, after-hours, and weekend support.

Who we are

We are your business IT services provider that is here to keep your organization running.

Why us

Here at Computer Quest, we can offer you the skill and expertise of a large provider, but at a much lower cost.

Our Headquarters

Centrally located in Tampa Bay, Florida, let Computer Quest monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure so technology becomes less of a problem and more of a solution.

Computer Quest, LLC Services


Don't worry, Computer Quest won't disturb you while you're working. With our remote services, you won't even know we're there!


Don't pay the inflated hourly rates the other guys are charging to come out and fix issues in the evening or perform upgrades/maintenance on the weekend.


While the other guys are out there fixing what's broken, we're here to keep your systems healthy so you don't have outages or failures.


Using some of the most advanced tools in the industry, you will receive the maintenance/health checks that some of the top Fortune 500 companies use without paying the cost of a full time IT staff.

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